Philippians 3:12 -15

As each day passes it seems that these ole eyes of mine get dimmer. I have elevated from the Dollar Store readers to “Doctor Store” prescription eyeglasses.  Both the readers and prescription lenses seem to work the same but we can discuss that later.

As these eyes need assistance to see the tangible things of this world we cannot forget that our spiritual eyes must have a sharp focus on what lies before us. With spiritual focus we can see beyond the current and constant turbulence in this world. The arch enemy Satan gladly cleans our lens and adjusts our eyesight towards the things and state of this world. Satan sets our focus on worldly distractions as traps to weaken our faith and compromise our trust in Jesus.

Our job is to clean our own lens with the cloth of the Word of Jesus. We have to sharpen our view towards our end goal for which God through Jesus Christ is calling us. The world has its issues, challenges and yes comforts. However the world is not our home. Our hope and eternal dwelling is in Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him. Sing with me the hymn below.

“Open our eyes, Lord
We want to see Jesus
To reach out and touch Him
And say that we love Him.
Open our ears, Lord
And help us to listen
Open our eyes, Lord
We want to see Jesus.”

Blessing to you all.
Pastor Laric