Dawn Hogan

I was blessed to have a mother who faithfully took me to church every Sunday and when I was four years old I remember being in the car on the way home one evening when I asked about heaven and Jesus.  She pulled the car over and led me in the sinner’s prayer.  That was a seed that grew in my heart and the beginnings of a life to be guided and spent with Jesus.

After my freshman year of college, the Lord guided me to a Bible college in England for a year where I finally started to understand God’s grace and freedom in Christ.  In 1999 David and I were married and 3 boys quickly followed.  As a young mom I was desperate for the Lord and to abide in Him.  I remember driving past Calvary Chapel Cary on Sunday mornings on the way to the church we were attending and God gently telling me that I needed to visit.  In 2005 we visited and made Calvary our home.  Our lives, marriage and parenting have been completely changed by the Word of God and we are honored to serve the families at Calvary.