Elvira Finch

For the most part, I grew up in the church. It was at about age 16 that I felt the Lord drawing me. But I said, “No thanks, I’ll give you my life after I turn 40.” At age 23, after my mom’s death, I sat on the edge of my bed realizing that I am now both fatherless and motherless…my next words were, “Lord, You’re all I have.” And these turned out to be the most powerful words I could have ever spoken.

About a year later, on Easter Sunday 1976, I truly gave my heart, soul, and life to the Lord, as did the man I had married 4 years earlier. Just two years after that wonderful Easter, however, my husband died in a car accident, leaving me with three small children.

After being a single mother for almost five years, I met Rodney Finch on January 23, 1982 (the actual day that Rodney gave his life to the Lord at the Friendly Church of God in Christ). In 1986 we started attending Calvary Chapel Vista, and then we moved to Calvary Chapel Murrieta (formerly Murrieta Country Church). It was at CC Murrieta that I deepened my relationship with the Lord. I served in the Women’s Ministry, on the Worship team, and in the Children’s Ministry, growing and strengthening my walk on a daily basis.

In 1995, while we were attending Calvary Chapel Temecula, God began tugging at Rodney’s heart that it was “time to go east.” So we went to North Carolina to “spy out the land.” The Lord made it abundantly clear that this is where we were to serve Him and start something new – teaching the Word of God, line upon line, precept upon precept. And Calvary Chapel Cary was born.

It has been my privilege to serve alongside Pastor Rodney for the past 20 years here at CC Cary. I continue to be blessed as I lead and teach the women of this church, watching the incredible and miraculous growth that only God can achieve. Through the years, I have also been blessed to bring God’s Word to women across the globe during mission trips to India and Russia.