Pastor Jim Mercendetti

I gave my heart over to Jesus later in life.  As a child, I had knowledge of God through religion and school, but by the time I was a teen, I didn’t want anything to do with God.  The drug and alcohol culture of the 60s had a great impact on my life. I met my wife, Melissa, in college and married at a young age. However, my alcohol, drug abuse, and selfish living continued for many years.

My life gradually spiraled out of control, which led to marital problems including seven years of separation. I finally came to the end of myself in my mid-forties. I realized how empty and lost I was for so many years and I started searching for answers.

A good friend of mine invited me to a Calvary Chapel in Spencerport, N.Y.  There I learned about God’s grace and the salvation that He has for everyone who puts their trust in Jesus.  Shortly thereafter, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and committed my life to Him. My life quickly changed. My appetite for drugs and alcohol was replaced by a desire to have a close relationship with the Lord.  Soon after, Melissa saw the change in me and started attending Calvary with me where she also was saved.  Jesus restored our lives and our marriage as we continued to keep Him at the center of our lives.

The Lord opened the door for us to move to Raleigh in 2000 where we began to attend CC Cary, and we’ve since been blessed in ways that I could not have ever imagined.

Pastor Jim oversees the Marriage Ministry, as well as various volunteer ministries.