Pastor Ralf Stores

I received Jesus as Lord and Savior at age 14 while living in Japan. My early years as a believer were not easy since no one else in my family was a Christian and my dad, in particular, didn’t have a favorable reaction to my conversion.  Fortunately, a couple from our youth group encouraged and mentored me through high school, and during college, I was involved with a strong campus ministry group.

My wife, Tammy, and I have served in full-time ministry for over 30 years. We founded and led a Family and Marriage counseling ministry, were involved with Christian radio while living in Miami, Florida for 15 years, and since 2000 Ralf serves as U.S. Director of Media Development and Services for Trans World Radio, and Tammy as a receptionist and the co-host of TWR’s Women of Hope program, heard around the world in over 50 languages.

We have 3 children, Rachal married to Jonathan, C.J., and Caleb who are all serving the Lord faithfully, 2 grandsons, Jeremiah and Nathaniel, and a 3rd grandchild on the way in September, Abigail.

We have been attending and serving at Calvary Chapel Cary since 2011 and thoroughly enjoy the amazing diversity and verse by verse teaching ministry of Pastor Rodney.